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What is DiGiKiNDi?

DiGiKiNDi is a digital kindergarten realized as a mobile app. The DiGiKiNDi idea is based on the observation that children's communication in social networks is different from that of adults. For details, please read the DiGiKiNDi story. In the app, children can exchange ideas, play, and be creative together - always supported by their parents.

Who is DiGiKiNDi for?

DiGiKiNDi is aimed at parents and their children (of about kindergarten age) alike. The app is very child-friendly due to the vivid pictures and explanatory texts in spoken language. At the same time, DiGiKiNDi offers parents various opportunities to accompany their children in the digital world. They manage the children's profiles, invite friends, provide assistance, and communicate with other parents using the parent board.

Your data

What information do I need to provide during registration?

A valid email address and the child's given name are sufficient for registration. A profile picture is also recommended to avoid confusion. During registration you will be asked for your year of birth. This is used for age verification and will be deleted immediately afterwards.

How are my data and the data of my children protected?

The data are stored in certified data centers in the EU. Only friends with a private invitation code can view the profiles and posts of the children. Before you or your child can share information that might be personally identifiable, you must answer a security question (solve a math problem). Furthermore, all data are transmitted securely via HTTPS. Voice messages are additionally end-to-end encrypted using modern methods (hybrid encryption with ECDH and AES-GCM). This means that nobody except the sender and receiver - not even DiGiKiNDi - can listen to the messages.

For how long are voice messages, pictures, and parent board notices stored?

All voice messages, pictures, and parent board notices are stored on the server for 30 days and then deleted. Posts from friends that you retrieve within 4 weeks are stored in a local database and in files on your device, so you can view/listen to them again later.

Your devices

Can I use DiGiKiNDi on multiple devices?

Yes, you can be logged in with your account on multiple devices at the same time. For example, mom and dad can use the same parent account. Please note, however, that you can only view/listen to those posts that you have accessed from the current device within 4 weeks after creation. You must also be logged in to receive (end-to-end encrypted) voice messages. So it can happen that DiGiKiNDi is not up to date on all devices. Therefore, it is often easiest to use DiGiKiNDi only on one device and stay logged in.

How can I transfer DiGiKiNDi to a new phone?
To transfer the local data to a new device, follow these steps:
  1. In the DiGiKiNDi app on the old device, tap ☰ > Parent account > Local database > Export.
  2. Back up the folder /data/Android/com.digikindi.digikindi/files/ somewhere, e.g., on your PC.
  3. Install DiGiKiNDi on the new device and copy the files folder to the corresponding location.
  4. Log in to DiGiKiNDi on the new device and tap ☰ > Parent account > Local database > Import.
DiGiKiNDi should now be up to date. An automatic backup in the cloud is currently not provided, but Google's Auto Backup might work, as long as the amount of data does not exceed 25MB.
Why is my device not supported?

At the moment, DiGiKiNDi is available exclusively as an app for Android (version 5 or higher). There might be versions for other platforms in the future.

Your account

How can I change my password?

In the DiGiKiNDi app, tap ☰ > Parent account. Under Change Password, enter your old password and your new password (two times). Then tap Change.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you forgot your password, a new temporary password can be generated for you. First, log out by tapping ☰ > Parent account > Logout > Logout anyway in the app. Enter your email address in the login form and tap Forgot password. You can log in using the temporary password that you will receive by email. Then, change your password as described above.

Why should I stay logged in?

The DiGiKiNDi app provides a logout button. When you log out, all session data and the keys for end-to-end encryption of voice messages are invalidated. This is useful for example if you lost your phone or your account was hacked. However, you do not receive any notifications and no (end-to-end encrypted) voice messages while you are logged out, and you cannot retrieve them later. It is therefore recommended that you stay logged in.

What can I do if I lost my phone or my account was hacked?

If you lost your device or your account was hacked, first log in to DiGiKiNDi (on another device). Then tap ☰ > Parent account > Logout > Logout everywhere. You can now log in again. Also, make sure to change your password (see above).

How can I delete my account or permanently unsubscribe one of my children?

To delete the profile of the currently logged in child, tap ☰ > Child profile in the app. Enter your password under Delete profile and tap Delete. The profile will now be deleted from the server along with all of your child's data. If no sibling profile exists, the parent account will also be deleted. Please note that deleting the profile/account cannot be undone.

Your contribution

How can I support DiGiKiNDi?

If you want to support DiGiKiNDi, you can take out a SuperParent subscription. To do so, tap ☰ > SuperParent subscription in the app and follow the instructions on the screen.

What are the benefits of the SuperParent subscription?

With the SuperParent subscription you support the development of the DiGiKiNDi app and help the developer to be a SuperDad. You can read more about this in the DiGiKiNDi story. As a thank you, your children will get five instead of three puzzle pieces per day for the jigsaw puzzle of the month. Furthermore, ads are removed from the parent board.


How can I invite friends to DiGiKiNDi?

The best way to invite friends to DiGiKiNDi is to create a group (e.g., with the name of your child's kindergarten) and share the invitation link with all parents (e.g., by email or WhatsApp). To do so, tap ☰ > Invite friends in the app. If parents accept the invitation, all children of the group will be friends on DiGiKiNDi. The invitation code is valid for one week. To add a child to the group later, any group member can generate a new invitation code at any time. As an alternative to group invitations, it is also possible to invite an individual friend to DiGiKiNDi.

Is it possible to remove friends?

Yes, tap ☰ > Child profile in the app. To unfriend a child, leave all common groups and tap Unfriend if necessary.


How can I add siblings?

You can add all your children to your parent account. In the app, tap ☰ > Parent account. Under Add child, enter the given name of the sibling and your password and tap Add. On a given device, only one child can be logged in at a time. If one of your other children wants to use the app, tap ☰ > Switch child.

How can I change my child's profile picture?

Tap ☰ > Child profile > Change profile picture. Then tap Gallery or Camera to choose or take a picture of your child. Use the displayed rectangle to crop the image and tap Done.

How can I add my child's birthday to the calendar?

Tap ☰ > Child profile. Under Enter birthday, select the day, month, and year of birth and tap Enter. In the future, your child's friends will be notified on his or her birthday.


How does the jigsaw puzzle of the month work?

To do the jigsaw puzzle of the month, tap the dice > the puzzle piece. Your child can drag and drop the puzzle piece into place or into the box for duplicate pieces. Each child gets three puzzle pieces per day. Children of SuperParents get five pieces per day. Unused puzzle pieces will expire. When your child solves the puzzle, you receive an email with a little surprise in digital form. To swap puzzle pieces, tap the dice > the box. All friends with whom your child can swap pieces will be shown. To request a swap, tap on the box with the question mark. The friend receives a notification, also taps on the dice > the box and finally on the box with arrows to complete the swap. The optimal pieces for the swap are automatically selected. After that, both children can use their new puzzle piece.

How does the parent board work and how can I get rid of the ads?

Using the parent board, you can communicate with other parents. You can read notices and create your own notices with up to 250 characters of text (and optionally a picture) in the categories Info, Yard sale, Play and craft ideas, and Miscellaneous. You can also decide whether the parents of all your child's friends can see the notice or only the members of a certain group. SuperParents get an ad-free parent board.

How can I delete individual pictures or parent board notices?

To delete a picture posted by your child or one of your parent board notices, tap the paint box > the book or the bricks > the book or the bricks > the three brushes or the parent board icon, and navigate to the post you want to remove. Tap on the top area of the notice or on the picture and hold it for at least five seconds. Then tap Yes. The post will be deleted both on your device and on the server. Friends who have already retrieved the post can still view it.

My question has not been answered yet. What should I do?

If your question has not been answered yet, please write an email to




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